Thumbs Up! Stolen Heat Sensitive Mug

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Thumbs Up! Stolen Heat Sensitive Mug

At first glance this ‘Stolen Mug’ looks like regular but attractive black mug. However the truth is revealed once hot liquid is poured into it. This unique, high quality mug exposes the victim when a hot beverage is poured into it. The mug shows a quirky message saying ‘this mug is stolen’ with a hand print to add to the effect. The design of the mug is outstanding and will become a hot topic of conversation and laughter in the office. It’s perfect to catch those pesky coffee thieves red handed. It turns from black to white and shows a clever hand print so you can use your forensic skills to bring justice to the office.
  • Color changing mug reveals fingerprints when hot
  • Catches all thieves
  • The handle also changes color
  • Made of quality ceramic
  • Not dishwasher safe


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