Buckycubes 216 pcs Magnetic Set Nickel cube magnets

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Buckycubes 216 pcs Magnetic Set Nickel cube magnets

Buckycubes – The best Magnetic building toy kit

Buckycubes 216 pcs Magnetic Set Nickel cube magnets

Balls? Balls are for hobbyists. If you want to build for real, you gotta have cubes.

How many times have you gone past a skyscraper made of tiny little dots? Or a well made house that looks like an iron worker’s been doing pointillism? REAL builders know that cubes are the way to build stable and attractive structures. And that’s why REAL builders use the Buckycubes 216-Piece Magnetic Set.

These little cubes are just as strong as the tiny silver balls we’ve sold before, except… well, cubes are just better, aren’t they? There’s a reason ancient Romans didn’t build those thousand year old bridges out of teeny spheres, after all. Spheres are cute and cuddly, like a hedgehog in the garden! But cubes? Cubes mean business. Cubes mean you’re here to work.

Features & specs


  • 216 Powerful Rare Earth Magnets Cubes
  • Buckycubes are even easier than Buckyballs to pick up
  • Bend ‘em. Fold ‘em. Slide ‘em. Glide ‘em. Stack ‘em to the ceiling, build buildings, or simply fidget for fun
  • Watch new dimensions unfold as each cube snaps into place just the way you want it to
  • Can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in unlimited ways
  • Buckycubes are all about fun and require little more than kneading them in your hands
  • Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, stick stuff to the fridge, or even invent a new game
  • Each set contains 216 powerful Rare Earth Magnets
  • Each Buckycube has two poles – one side repels, the other attracts
  • Includes a Quick Start Sheet to help you get started making basic shapes
  • Original Metal box


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